Qigong Center

Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong have setup 17 centers for the convenience of it’s member to practice as a group to capitalise on the benefits of Qi-field.

The 17 centers are as listed below, click on the respective location for details.

Members are free to unlimited practice at any center listed below at their convenience subject to the practice session of the respective center.

1) SJK (C) Taman Connaught, Kuala Lumpur

2) SJK (C) Taman Connaught (2) Ulu Langat (Bandar Damai Perdana), Kuala Lumpur

3) SK Taman Rakan, Bandar Sg Long, Selangor

4) SJK (C) Yu Hua Kajang, Selangor

5) SJK (C) Serdang 2, Selangor

6) SJK (C) Jinjang South, Kuala Lumpur

7) SJK (C) Yuk Chai, Taman Megah P.J, Selangor

8) SK (1) Damansara Jaya, Selangor

9) SJK (C) Chee Wen, USJ-1, Selangor

10) SK Sri Selangor, USJ -4, Selangor

11) SJK (C) Tun Tan Cheng Lock, USJ – 15, Selangor

12) Desa Petaling, Selangor

13) SJK (C) Chung Hwa, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, Selangor

14) Simpang Pulai Padang Taman, Perak

15) SRJK (C) Siew Cheng, Lahad Datu, Sabah

16) SK 2, Tawau, Sabah

17) Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Sandakan, Sabah


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