Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia Annual Spring Festival Luncheon

PSZQM will hold 2017 Spring Festival luncheon on 15 Jan 2017 at a restaurant in USJ Summit.


PSZQM Puncak Jalil new centre

PSZQM new centre at Puncak Jalil recently setup and recruited new members.

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PSZQM Taman Megah centre organised a one-day trip to Ipoh

Taman Megah qigong members and laoshi’s organised a 1-day trip to Ipoh on 8 Oct 2016.

The purpose was to foster relations among members. A total of 37 took part. It was a

merry-filled event with nice lunch and dinner, and happy shopping with bags and bags of


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马来西亚智能气功总会 Taman Puncak Jalil centre


Taman Puncak Jalil centre

新班招生 (new class intake).zq1 zq2

Taman Megah centre mid-autumn festival

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PSZQM Taman Megah centre

PSZQM Taman Megah centre organised mid-autumn festival on 20 Sept 2016.

Also present in the event were members from USJ centres and D’sara Jaya centre.tm2 tm3 tm4 tm5 tm6 tma tmb tmc tmd

USJ centres held moon cake festival at Wawasan school

PSZQM USJ centres jointly held an early moon-cake festival on 5 Sept 2016 at Wawasan school.dsc_2257_551 dsc_22622 dsc_22651 dsc_22771 dsc_22881 dsc_23041 dsc_23122 dsc_23371 dsc_23412 dsc_23441 dsc_23851 dsc_24051 dsc_24101