Zhineng Qigong Theory And Practices

The Theory of Hunyuan was created by Professor Pan Ming and is used as the fundamental principle of Zhineng Qigong training. Therefore, before anyone undertakes Zhineng Qigong training or teaching, he should have a good understanding of the theory of Hunyuan.

2.1 Hunyuan Qi

The principles of Hunyuan suggests that every substance in the universe is formed by two or more substance-specific elements. Hunyuan Qi of a substance is formed by the combination of the substance’s form, energy and material. This Hunyuan Qi is formless, shapeless and invisible to human eyes, and it is the fundamental essence of the substance.

Basically there are two different types of Hunyuan Qi. The first type of Hunyuan Qi is the most fundamental and primitive type. It exists in a formless and shapeless configuration. Its elements are even and uniform, and it is nature’s most primitive Hunyuan Qi. The second type of Hunyuan Qi has a physical form and is a visible structure. Every physical substance in the universe has it’s own explicit Hunyuan Qi, which defines the characteristics of that substance.

The theory of Hunyuan Qi also subscribes to the idea that the formless Hunyuan Qi can be coagulated and changed into the physical and visible form of Hunyuan Qi. In the same way, the physical and visible form of Hunyuan Qi can also disintegrated and be converted into the formless Hunyuan Qi. Invisible Hunyuan Qi may accumulate to form a concrete visible substance and vice-versa. These two types of Hunyuan Qi, which frequently and continuously interchange their structures and configurations, form our universe.

2.2 Distinctive Features Of Hunyuan Qi

There are many unique and distinctive features of Hunyuan Qi. These features can be categorised as follow:-

(a) Fundamental distinctive features of Hunyuan Qi

There are two fundamental distinctive features of Hunyuan Qi, namely (i) the accumulation and coagulation of Hunyuan Qi will form physical substances, and (ii) the disintegration of substances will form Hunyuan Qi. This inter-conversion between substances and Qi happens in accordance to the law of nature. Our human mind is able to direct and mobilise Hunyuan Qi. It also has the ability to accumulate or break up Hunyuan Qi to focus and channel into one direction and in some circumstances, coagulate this Qi to form physical substances (such as channeling Qi to regenerate bones or fuse broken bones). A practitioner can also focus his mind onto a physical substance and disintegrate the physical substance into formless Qi (such as channeling Qi to remoce cysts). Thus, the practice of Zhineng Qigong helps one to strengthen his mental ability so as to control and manage Hunyuan Qi.

(b) Distribution and concentration level of Hunyuan Qi

Nature’s Hunyuan Qi is uniform and non-specific, and is evenly distributed in the entire universe. Besides the accumulated Hunyuan Qi that makes up the physical substance, there is also Qi present around aubstances. Generally Hunyuan Qi is most concentrated around a substance and its density decreases with distance away from the substance.

(c) Co-existing feature of Hunyuan Qi

In the universe, nature’s primitive Hunyuan Qi exists and circulates at different levels in a substance; including human body. When a practitioner’s body absorbs Hunyuan Qi, his life and energy level is revitalised and strengthened. Through the practice of Zhineng Qigong, a prectitioner is able to garner and unify nature’s Hunyuan Qi that exists at different levels of the universe, and absorbs them into his body. Besides this unique co-existent characteristic, Hunyuan Qi also generates and amplifies human neuron-signals.

2.3 Human Hunyuan Qi

Human Hunyuan Qi is of the highest quality and the most complex Qi in nature. It is made up of three different forms of Hunyuan Qi as listed below.

(i) Congenital Qi that is inherited from parents

(ii) Natural inborn Qi

(iii) Qi that is influenced by our activities postnatally

There are three types of Hunyuan Qi, namely Physical Body Hunyuan Qi, Internal Organ Hunyuan Qi and Human Mind Hunyuan Qi. Each type has it’s own unique characteristics and these are described below.

(a) Physical Body Hunyuan Qi

Physical body Hunyuan Qi is mainly accumulated at the Lower Dantian (between Duqi and Mingmen) and body membrane. This Qi can be controlled and directed by human minds and is used mainly for physical body activities.

(b) Internal Organ Hunyuan Qi

There are 5 internal organ Hunyuan Qi, namely Heart Hunyuan, Liver Hunyuan, Pancreas Hunuan, Lung Hunyuan and Kidney Hunyuan. All these Hunyuan Qi are accumulated at Hunyuan Qiao, an area that is located 1.2 cun above and 1.2 cun below zhongwan and behind the stomach. They are primarily used to norish and strengthen these five internal organs. These Qi cannot be controlled using human minds but can be affected by the emotional state of an individual. For instance, anger will affect liver functions while worries will affect pancreatic functions.

(c) Mind Hunyuan Qi

Human brain is the most complex and sophisticated part of a human body. thus, mind Hunyuan Qi is also the finest and is of the highest quality of Hunyuan Qi in the human body. It’s activities are also the most refined amongst all types of Qi activities in the human body.

All three human Hunyuan Qi continuously interact with each other, and at times and under specific conditions, inter-convert to form other types of Hunyuan Qi. These activities help to sustain the overall activities of a human life.

2.4 Yiyuanti

Yiyuanti can be described as Hunyuan Qi in the human brain. It is made up of Hunyuan Qi of all nerve cells inthe human nervous system. It is very uniform and has many similar features to nature’s primitive Hunyuan Qi except that it is more refined and complex. It is active and is able to induce changes in nature’s Hunyuan Qi. Both the Yiyuanti and physical structure of brain has co-existent characteristics. Yiyuanti is mainly accumulated at the center-point of the brain (also known as center-point of Yiyuanti). When this Yiyuanti is released, it flows through the inside and outside of the brain, circulates around the entire body, and sometimes beyond the body.

2.4.1 Distinctive features of Yiyuanti

(i) Yiyuanti embraces all body signals of human activities.

(ii) It is very uniform and has capability to self-reflect and respond to subjective matters.

(iii) It has an ability to receive, store, mix, analyse and retrieve body signals. It is able to command and send body signals.

2.4.2 Pian Zhi Yiyuanti (Rigid Yiyuanti)

When a foetus is newly formed, his Yiyuanti is primitive, uniform and possesses extraordinary abilities. When a baby is born, he is subjected to and influenced by his external surrounding and environment. He learns from preset minds or conceives knowledge and judgement of ordinary human beings. This results in a preconceivedmind set, inflexible ideology and rigid mentality of a person, and ultimately, the suppression of the extraordinary abilities of Yiyuanti. Threfore the Yiyuanti of an ordinary person is also known as Pian Zhi Yiyuanti.

2.4.3 Yuan Man Yiyuanti (Complete Yiyuanti)

Through regular Zhineng Qigong training, one may strengthen his body functions, develope extraordinary capability as well as overcome Pian Zhi Yiyuanti. In doing so, he is able then to understand the relationship between human and nature, and subsequently able to manage all those complex matters. The Yiyuanti at this phase is known as Yuan Mun Yiyuanti. Yuan Man Yiyuanti has an ability to suppress body-signals, which leads to the developement of inflexible ideology and rigid mentality, and at the same time, propels one to a higher intellectual and status.

2.4.4 Hun Hua Yiyuanto (Interactive Yiyuanti)

When extraordinary body-signals take control of the management of human body, the Yiyuanti and life are united to form Hun Hua Yiyuanti. Hun Hua Yiyuanti is the highest level of Yiyuanti and is extremely interactive and responsive.

Holistic View of Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong holds a holistic view on the universe and natural life forms. In Zhineng teachings, the universe is basically made up of a very large and absolute Hunyuan, and every matter and physical substance in the universe does not exist or live independently. All things in the universe, from the distant stars to the nearest natural objects such as flowers, grass, trees, animals and human beings, are constantly interacting with one another. They are formed by Hunyuan Qi and at the same time linked by Hunyuan Qi.

A human being is a complete ‘object’. Our eyes, ears, mouth, nose, body, heart, liver, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, hands and legs and all other body parts cannot function independently. Human body system depends on their individual performances and functionalities as well as their inter-reacitve conditions that are bonded by human Hunyuan Qi. The combination of Xing (physical body form), Qi and Shen (mental power) forms a complete human body.

Xing (phisical body form) is a tangible and physical form of human Hunyuan Qi. Our activities depends on our physical wellness that relates to Xing. In Zhineng Qigong, Qi refers to the non-physical form of human Hunyuan Qi. It is the essence of all life activities and it helps to nourish both Xing and Shen.

Shen(mental power) is an extraordinary form of human’s Hunyuan Qi, that is, the extraordinary activities of Yiyuanti. Shen manages human body activities. Therfore, it is important to note that human activities are formed by the combination of Xing, Qi and Shen.

In the theory of Zhineng Qigong, the phrase Tuian Ren He Yi denotes the unity of human being, nature, and the physical and social environment. A strong unity between these four elements will generate a wholesome and active life. The science of Zhineng Qigong emphasises on the understanding of the rhythm of activities in human beings, nature and these environments, together with the applications of such knowledge to nature and these environments, together with the applications of such knowledge to overcome the limitations of human activities.

Hunyuan Qi and Zhineng Qigong Training

The practice of Zhineng Qigong aims to train the most primitive and fundamental Hunyuan Qi in nature and in human bodies. The theory of Zhineng Qigong emphasises on the importance of sufficient human body Hunyuan Qi to maintain and strengthen one’s life functions and to develope extraordinary human capabilities. When external Hunyuan Qi is absorbed into the human body, it can selectively replenish internal Hunyuan Qi and help to balance the Yin and Yang of specific body parts or organ, resulting in the normalisation of body functions.


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