USJ Centers Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival 2012

Members from USJ1, USJ4 and USJ15 center come together to celebrate this year Mid-Autumn Festival in this sub-urban city Subang Jaya with a touch of the rural community feel. It’s a great opportunity for members to mingle, get-to-know each others and catching up on current affairs while being entertained by a host of programme arranged by an ad hoc organising committee consist of members from within the three centers.

The Organising Committee

About 120 members attended this event where each and every members contributed to the success of this event in terms of food, drinks, equipment, audio/visual system, karaoke set, music instrument, performances and games. Some members contribute cash donation for this event.

The organising committee encouraged each members to bring their own eating utensil with the intention to minimise the use of styrofoam plate and plastic spoon & fork to help conserve mother nature. We can have fun and be environment friendly at the same time, kudos to the organising committee.

Members prepared a variety of food, desserts, drinks which are all home-cooked. Fried Bee Hoon, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Lasagna, Fried Chicken, Chicken Curry, O-Knee, Dragon Fruits Jelly, Homemade Soya Drink, Popiah and the list goes on…..

Teochew specialty – “Orh Nee” (Pumpkin-Yam dessert)

Fried Popiah

One of the two long table with food served.

The event started at 7:30pm with all members gather to practicing qigong lead by Soo Laoshi. The Mid-Autumn Festival Programme begins with Benjamin Looi belting out “Stand By Me” and another oldie before our MC of the night Tan Laoshi take over the floor by reciting a piece of poem.

The Talented Benjamin Looi

Alan Yu Laoshi gives a welcome speech follows by Mr Gan Meng Foo our guest from BN Co-ordinator for Dun Subang Jaya.

Alan Yu Laoshi Welcome Speech

The Lim’s Sister, our guest performer gave a sterling dance performance the youth of today enjoy, follow by Oppa Gangnam Style the current top dance routine of which the music video has been view 480 million times on YouTube in just three month upon release.

The Lim’s Sister Dance Routine – Oppa Gangnum Style

Caryn Keong our very own karaoke singer entertained members with her rendition of hokkien song. Three main Lucky Draw prizes were drawn and given out by our guest Mr Gan Meng Foo to three lucky members.

The feast begin and members making a beeline to savour the delicious food served. While members are busy with their food, Gary Foo and Michael Huang entertained members with their mandarin numbers.

Members helping themselves on food

Gan Kim Beng facilitated the Thread a Needle game with 6 pair members participated. The top three pairs to complete the task wins a prize. Next we have Alan Yu Laoshi giving out prizes to the top 10 most delicious Food prepared by members where they were judged by our panel of appointed food critics.

The excitement were not over, as Alan Yu Laoshi and Soo Loashi are giving out more lucky draw prizes to members. Soon after our MC read out a few riddle to challenge our members mind. Fellow member Fung Jieh’s daughter take this opportunity to raise fund for an orphan camp retreat to Kuantan for one hundred orphans. Isn’t it great that besides practicing qigong, food and having fun, members too have the privilege to do good deed for our society thus enable 100 orphans realise their planned retreat.

Next on the performance list is fellow Qigongist Gan Kim Beng and also the person who setup this wonderful audio/visual system and karaoke system for this event. A BIG thank you to Gan for sposoring his home AV system for this event. An avid karaoke singer himself, he render a Mandarin song for the entertainment of all.

Our AV man – Gan Kim Beng

Due to his busy schedule, PSZQM president Liow Laoshi arrived late and address all members on the importance of continuing to practice Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa, Xing Shen Zhuang and Wu Yuan Zhuang as it had great benefit to improving our health.

PSZQM President Addressing Members Speech – Liow Laoshi

The talented Benjamin Looi took center stage again performing three Cantonese songs, together with our very own backup singers (ad-hoc one). The three song were hits song made popular by Hong Kong evergreen singer Sam Hui in the 70s. The mic were passed on to another members who rendered an upbeat mandarin number, bringing others members to their feets and danced to the tune.

Our Very Own Backup Singers

Tan Laoshi invite all members to come forward to sing together in a group to foster and enhance fellowship before this event come to an end. By this time members started leaving as the clock strike 11. The last event of the night was The Musical Chair. Ten sporting members took part and they seem to be having lots of fun and the top three members with seat win a prize.

Group Singing

Lastly the organising chairperson Grace Lim gave her closing speech and thank all her ‘Mah Chye’ for the teamwork and for the success of the event. A group photo of the organising committee were taken by KC Leong (our official photographer for this event). Thank you KC for the effort. The photos above are courtesy from KC Leong. For more photos click here. You may want to follow KC’s blog “KC & the Sunshine Runner” an article on this event.

Organising Chairperson Closing Speech – Grace Lim

Benz the official videographer for this event have documented and produced a video for all members viewing. Click, view and enjoy.


About zhinengqigongmalaysia
Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia is a non-profit making society registered under the Society Act 1966 and became operational on 26th Apr. 1995. Its aim is to help all Malaysian to attain better health and live a longer, richer, meaningful and more rewarding life. We already have 14 branches in Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor an dSabah. The society’s activities are open to all Malaysian regardless of race or religion.

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