Group Practice @ Dewan Kompleks Belia Bandaraya, 22/07/2012

Group Practice

All Zhineng Qigong practitioner are invited to attend this Group Practice organised by Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia (PSZQM). This event is open to any Zhineng Qigong society, association, groups or even individual to participate.

Synopsis of the programme.

This event will be lead by Lu Lin Kun Laoshi and Zheng Bai Ling Laoshi on lecture, practice, Qi-Treating and Question & Answer session. It’s start the day by Practising ‘Three Centers Merge’ (San Xing Bing Zhan Zhuang) which most of the members are familiar with, folllow by Straight Leg Relaxation Method (Zhi Tui Zuo) which was not taught in our weekly routine practice. The Straight Leg Relaxation Method is specially designed to enable relaxation of the waist. There are a number of mental and physical activities comprising beginning, doing and ending activities.  For further understanding on this method, you are welcome to Dewan Kompleks Belia Bandaraya Jalan Cheras to learn from the master.

Shall we call upon PSZQM’s all 13 centers in Klang Valley to encourage 100% members participation from each center for this event. This event is also open to others like minded Zhineng Qigong groups and PSZQM is targeting at least 300 participants, if we can acheive 500 participants it would encourage the organiser to better serve it’s members in the future. Hunyuan Ling Tong.

With a crowd of 300 – 500 participants, the Qi-field will be extremely strong and will be very effective for Qi-Treating. Come and experience it yourself, we assured you will not be dissapointed. For members whom have doubts and queries, take this oppurtunity to ask Lu Laoshi during the Q & A session to enhance your knowledge in Zhineng Qigong (Tips: You may pre-prepare your questions, be it in English or Mandrin). The final event is the Hunyuan Tunnel Qi Treating which is the highlight event of the day. For those who have no idea what Hunyuan Tunnel Qi is and for those whom have not experience this, you have every reason to be there. For members who have health conditions, do NOT miss out this opportunity.

Hope to meet all of you on 22/7/2012. Hunyuan Ling Tong. Click map for direction.

Please contact Cheong Mei Wan Laoshi at 0162218763 for registration and confirmation or enquiries.

What is Qi-Field?

Qi-Field is a unique features in Zhineng Qigong. When a Qigong Laoshi harmonises nature’s Hunyuan Qi with the ‘group-effect of a training field, a Qi-field ia formed. This ‘group-effect’ can be attained by a large group of Zhineng Qigong practitioners training together in one venue. The group-effect can assist a practitioner to improve his own training skills, healing ability, and qigong research and experimental works. Thus, Qi-field formation is the first routine for the Laoshi in a training session. Qi-field behaves like a magnetic field where the strength of the field is directly proportionate to the number of magnetics bars present. Hence, the presence of a large practice group will create a strong Qi-field.

Therefore, all practitioners should strive to form a strong Qi-field during training and this can be achieved through the use of mind to unite and harmonise their individual Qi with the group’s Qi and the nature’s Hunyuan Qi.

With this understanding of Qi-field and it’s benefits, PSZQM had organised group-practices open to all members from all centers to participate in it’s monthly event. For the month of July, PSZQM is organising a group practice at Dewan Kompleks Belia Bandaraya, Jaln Cheras Kuala Lumpur.

The details of this event are as below.

Zhineng Qigong Group-Practice Programme


Note: You are advice to car poll to the Dewan, this is a green awareness campaign to encourage conservation of mother earth. You are saving your wallet/purse at the save time too, and fellow ‘penumpang‘ do not forget to chip-in for the parking, toll and whatnot on behalf of the driver.


About zhinengqigongmalaysia
Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia is a non-profit making society registered under the Society Act 1966 and became operational on 26th Apr. 1995. Its aim is to help all Malaysian to attain better health and live a longer, richer, meaningful and more rewarding life. We already have 14 branches in Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor an dSabah. The society’s activities are open to all Malaysian regardless of race or religion.

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  1. Aline says:

    Hello from Brazil !

    I would like to learn and practice the Straight Leg Sitting Method (Zhi Tui Zuo). Is there a video / clip in the internet showing this exercise?

    Thank you in advance,

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