Qigong Camp, Myne Resort Sandakan – Day 1

Sandakan is the second-largest city in Sabah, East Malaysia on the north-eastern coast of  Borneo. It is located on the east coast of the island.  Sandakan is known as the gateway for ecotourism destinations in Sabah, such as the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center, the Rainforest Discovery Centre, Turtle Islands Park, Kinabatangan River and Gomantong Caves.

Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia (PSZQM) wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Sandakan Sabah (PSZQSS) for organising this retreat and inviting PSZQM to be part of this qigong camp. Kudos to the organising committee for an excellent job in ensuring that our fellow qigongist feel very much at home, the warm hospitality shown overwhelmed the hot and humid tropical rainforest climate.

The journey begins…….

Day 1 (01/06/2012, Friday)

By 5.30am everyone had arrived and gathered at LCCT airport. Most of our fellow members were already up as early as 3.00am and was told that some did not sleep at all (probably due to over excitement). Flight departure at 7.15am and arrival at 10.00am Sandakan airport.

Arrival at Sandakan Airport, 01/06/2012, 10.00am

On arrival we were received and welcome by PSZQSS President Ouh Mee Lan Laoshi, Committee Member Yeu He Shun Laoshi, Organising Chairperson Annie Voon Laoshi and a few others members tasked to usher us to two buses waiting outside the airport.

Warm welcom by PSZQSS team

The journey to Myne Resort where we were to stay for the next three days takes approximate 2 hours. Woo Yit Wan Laoshi and Chu Nyuk Lan Laoshi welcome us on-board on one of the waiting buses.

Woo Yit Wan Laoshi

Woo Laoshi brief about the journey to Kampung Bilit where Myne Resort were located in and serve us with bottled drinks and Char Siew bun each as refreshment to fill our tummy while on the road.

Chu Nyuk Lan Laoshi & Woo Laoshi serving drinks and buns to their guests.

The road leading to Myne Resort is a two-way trunk road. Travelling were slow as the road were narrow and overtaking were cautious. Largely the area leading to Myne were under developed as it’s evident from the condition of the houses lining along both side of the road. Further away from Sandakan town, most of those houses were fitted with rain harvesting sytem for their source of water supply. We wonder if they do gets clean taps waters for their daily needs, but with the sight of waters pipes left lining along certain stretches of the road uncompleted, gives the impression that they  very much on rain and underground water as their source of water. We were baffled that the people living in this region were without proper water supply. Palm tree plantation were a common sight along this journey.

Finally arrive at Myne Resort main lobby at about 12.30pm proceeded to the function hall nearby to collect our keys and the Camp’s T-Shirt.

Myne Resort’s Main Building, Lobby and Reception

PSZQSS 15th Aniversary T-Shirt which is also The Camp’s official T-Shirts

After registration we proceed to check-in to our respective rooms.

The stairs leading to the Chalets

The Chalets

View from the Chalet’s balcony overlooking the Kinabatangan River.

Proceed for lunch at the Main building, everyone were having exceptionally good appetite (wonder why?). Food were replenished numerous times to satisfied everyone’s rumbling tummy. A picture tells a thousand words, see it for yourselves.

Lunch at the Main Dining Hall

Having lunch at the deck overlooking the bank of Kinabatangan River is the most breathtaking experience ever, except for the afternoon heat at 30 – 32 degree Celsius.It will be perfect if the climate is cooler.

The Deck on the river bank of Kinabatangan River.

In no time the foods were wipe out and the dishes were squeaky clean and everyone were having a good time. As the saying goes ” A Hungry Man is an Angry Man”, with a full tummy who is angry?

A Happy and Joyful moment after a hearty meal.

Everyone are making a beeline to the function hall adjacent to the main building as the programme of the day will commence and all the activities were to be held there. The programme start at 2.30pm which were schedule to commence at 2.00pm. Nevertheless, everyone took a seat and eagerly waited for the organiser to officiate the opening of this camp.

The Master Of Ceremony (MC) is Yeu He Shun Laoshi, announcing and ushering the VIPs to take the front seats beginning with Lu Laoshi (Qigong Master from China), Ouh Mee Lan Laoshi (President PSZQSS), Zheng Laoshi (Qigong Master from China), Liow Kim Heng Laoshi (President PSZQM), Chong Yun Ming Laoshi (President, Sabah Hwaxia Zhineng Qigong Association – SHZQA), Lahad Datu Center Chairman’s representative, Annie Voon (Organising Chairperson), Chang Laoshi (PSZQM) and all organising committee members.

Front Row (L to R): Laoshi from Lahad Datu, Chang Laoshi, Chong Yun Ming Laoshi, Liow Kim Heng Laoshi, Ouh Mee Lan Laoshi and Lu Laoshi

President PSZQSS’s Ouh Mee Lan Laoshi gave an opening speech and announced that this is double occasion, ie PSZQSS 15th Aniversary celebration and Qigong Camp held concurrent. Next PSZQM’s President Liow Kim Heng Laoshi gave a short speech follow by Lu Laoshi.

To mark the celebration of PSZQSS’s 15th Aniversary, all VIPs were invited on stage to participate in singing Happy Birthday and cake cutting ceremony.

15th Anniversary cake cutting ceremony

Lu Laoshi took the stage at 3.00pm for his 1st lecture on the topic “Consciousness” and ended at 4.30pm. Before the afternoon session ended at about 4.45pm, all the participants posed for a group photograph for rememberance.  After the photo session, everyone went to their respective rooms for rest and shower. Generally everyone were exhausted after the long journey to this camp.

Group Photo – Sandakan’s Qigong Camp

Group Photo – USJ Center

Dinner were serve between 6.30pm till 7.30pm. Photograph below depict the serene atmosphere at dusk on the bank of the Kinabatangan River at 6.30pm, as you can observed here that the sky were in partial darkness as if it were 7.30pm in Semenanjung.

Dusk on the Bank of Kinabatangan River

Dinner at the Main Dining Hall, Myne Resort

By 8.00pm everyone were back to the hall eagerly waiting for the start of the evening session. The session started by everyone singing ‘Xiao Ge’. Lu Laoshi took the microphone and lecture on ‘Straight Leg Relaxation Method’ for almost 40 minutes followed by demonstration by Zheng Laoshi lasted 15 minutes. After learning the theory and witness the demonstration, it’s time for everyone to practice and master this technique. Both Lu Laoshi and Zheng Laoshi supervised and guided everyone to perfection in execution of each and every moves of this technique. This session ended at 9.45pm and everyone headed back to their respective chalets for a good night sleep after the long journey.

….. End of Day 1. Do followup on the next article on Day 2.


About zhinengqigongmalaysia
Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia is a non-profit making society registered under the Society Act 1966 and became operational on 26th Apr. 1995. Its aim is to help all Malaysian to attain better health and live a longer, richer, meaningful and more rewarding life. We already have 14 branches in Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor an dSabah. The society’s activities are open to all Malaysian regardless of race or religion.

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