Gohtong Jaya Zhineng Qigong Camp 2011

Gohtong Jaya Zhineng Qigong Camp 2011 - Group Photo

Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia had successfully organised this year annual camp at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highland from 16th- 18th December 201. A total of 75 members attended this camp to upgrade their skill and knowledge in zhineng qigong.

The organising subcommittee arrived at camp on 15/12/2011, a day earlier to setup the hall and made the necessary preparation for next day event.

Organising Sub-Committee

The following day, members started to arrive as early as 11.00am and registered at the counter to collect their respective keys to their apartment (Block D). They check in to their respective apartment and put on their uniform and were treated with a sumptuous lunch prior to the launch of the event.

Mawar Apartment - Block C(left) and Block D(right)

Tan Laoshi the emcee of the day, announced the opening of this camp and welcome all participating members. Members were briefed on the rules & regulation of the camp before passing the microphone to Lu Laoshi for the afternoon session’s lecture.

Tan Laoshi - Emcee

Qigong Master Lu Lin Kun Laoshi gave a lecture on How to excel in Peng Qi Quan Ding Fa and ended the afternoon session at 5.00pm, and break for dinner before the next session commence at 7.30pm.

Lu Laoshi

After  shower, members gathered at the dining hall for dinner.  They were served with steamboat dinner sichuan style with dual soup (Ma lat soup and clear soup).

Steamboat - Sichuan style

Members and Laoshi

The evening session start at 7.30pm till 10.00pm. Lu Laoshi enlighten participant on Qi Field Organizing and Qi Treating and follow with Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa(PQGDF) practice (extended version). Participating members went back to their respective apartment, was assured of an extremely good nite sleep with the cool weather of  Genting and abundance of qi after PQQDF session.

It’s free and easy till midnight and some even streatch beyond the early hours of the nite. Despite the rain, some went for “Tong Sui”, roti canai & teh tarik at the nearby row of shop for chat and get-to-know their apartment-mate. Some prefer to stay in their apartment with their red wines, beers, guinness stouts or 3-in-1 coffee that they brought along.

They were to gather at the function hall at 7.15am for another session of practice, which means sleep early and awake by 6.00am the following day.

Saturday, 17th December 2011. As early as 7.00am, members were started to gather at the function hall eventhough the hall was yet to open it’s door. Soon after the  door were opened, members took position and started to practice La Qi prior to PQGDF led by Zheng Bai Ling Laoshi. Breakfast were served at 9.00am, and we have plain porridge, fried bee hoon, fried mee, mix veggie,  fried egg (fu yong tan) and salted veggie with minch meat.

After the hearty breakfast, at 10.00am – 3 members gave their testimonials on how Zhineng Qigong heals their health conditions. Wong Kuan Yin Laoshi from Sg Long center were the first to gave her testimonial on her condition, Bell’s Palsy. Click here to view.

Follow by Yeu Loy Moi who speak on behalf of her hasband Lew Pin Kong, age 67 whom were camera shy. Lew Pin Kong were hospitalised for a rare heart condition, full video testimonial can be view here.

Lew Pin Kong - 67, recovered from a rare heart condition.

The last to testify was Ng Sai Koon, age 45. She relate about her condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis which is a long-term disease that leads to inflammation of the joints and surrounding tissues at the tender age of 21. How she struggle with the disease, chance upon Teng Laoshi, introduce to, learn and practice Zhineng Qigong and recovered from the disease. Now an able and healthy person and best of all found her life partner at the center, and live happily ever after (sound like fairy tale, isn’t it? But it’s true). Click here to view her touching story.

(Left to Right): Zhang Laoshi, Ng Sai Koon Laoshi, Teng Laoshi

Zheng Bai Ling Laoshi took the floor to give lesson on Wu Yuan Zhuang (The Five One Form), specific on pronunciations of  certain syllables or sentences (incantation) to mobilise internal Qi. The syllables of the five internal organs are:-

1) Ling for the Liver

2) Xing for the Heart

3) Zhong for the Spleen

4) Song for the Lung

5) Ying for the Kidney

At 12.15pm, Tan Laoshi announced for a group photo session for remembrance and documentation. Group photos of all participant, group photos of participant from various respective centers, committee members, sub-committee members were taken accordingly.  For those who wish to download their respective photos, please feel free to do so. Click on the link to KC and the Sunshine Runners blog at the end of this article. Soon after this was over, everyone headed to the Sichuan Restaurant for another hearty meals.

At 3.00pm after lunch, Lu Laoshi speak about the benefits of Xing Shen Zhuang (The Body Mind Form) follow by Xing Shen Zhuang practice at about 5.00pm till 6.00pm. Break two hour for shower and dinner.

8.00pm – Tan Laoshi announce the next qigong camp in Sandakan from 1/6/2012 till 4/6/2012.

Lu Laoshi and Zheng Laoshi (as demo Laoshi) teaches the finer points and movements in Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa. Highlighting the common mistakes by most students, with Zheng Laoshi demonstrate the correct movements. Thereafter follow by Lu Laoshi lecture on static qigong and elaborate on the correct technique in practice, specific on Hold onto sky and earth, interact with the hunyuan place (Exercise#1 in WuYuan Zhang).

Lu Laoshi giving personal coaching to participant.

Participants execute the "Hold Onto Sky and Earth" pose

Chong and Chin in "Hold Onto Sky And Earth" position.

Lu Laoshi &  Zheng Laoshi ended the night performing Qi Treating by “Guan Qi” thru Bai Hui on to each and every person.
On the last day of camp, as usual members gather at the function hall for the morning PQGDF practice lead by Zheng Laoshi prior to breakfast. Members were served with a bowl of Tang Yuen each on top of the regular menu as to celebrate Dong Zhi festival early.

After breakfast, all gethered at the hall for the presentation of “Participation Certificate” to all participating members.

Mr & Mrs Tan Hee Joo Laoshi Receiving Certificate from Chairman Liow Laoshi, Lu Laoshi and Zheng Laoshi

A ten years teaching Zhineng Qigong plaque were awarded to Alan Yu Laoshi and the award were received by Soo Laoshi on behalf of Alan Yu Laoshi.

Year 2011, Ten Year Zhineng Qigong Teaching Award Plaque (Recipient: Alan Yu Laoshi)

Chairman Liow Laoshi presented souvenir to both Lu Laoshi and Zheng Laoshi on behalf of Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia as an appreciation to both Lu Laoshi and Zheng Laoshi for their valuable guidance and dedication throughout this camp, to impart their knowledge in Zhineng Qigong to all attendees.

Lu Laoshi receiving a souvenir from Chairman Liow Laoshi

Chairman Liow Laoshi presented a souvenir to Zheng Laoshi


After the certificate presentation, Lu Laoshi again took the floor to answer questions from the attendees in the Q & A session and lasted for an hour till about 11:50am. The highlight of the camp was the Hunyuan Tunnel, where every person took turns to walk in the  Qi Tunnel to treat oneself of any conditions as the hall had built up an immense Qi feild throughout the past 3 days.

Chairman Liow Laoshi delivered the closing speech followed by Lu Laoshi closing speech. This year camp ended with everyone singing Auld Lang Syne (Mandarin version). Lunch were served before everyone headed home.

Special thank you to all attendees and all Laoshi as without you, this camp would not be a success. The organising committee is looking forward to seeing more members taking part in next year annual qigong camp.


1) Photos courtesy from KC Leong, visit KC & the Sunshine Runners for more photos or KC’s picasa album.

2) Videos on the lectures and demo’s of this camp are in the process of editing. Once completed, it will be announce in this page. How to obtain these DVDs will be announce in this page too. Member are advice to check out this page regularly.


About zhinengqigongmalaysia
Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia is a non-profit making society registered under the Society Act 1966 and became operational on 26th Apr. 1995. Its aim is to help all Malaysian to attain better health and live a longer, richer, meaningful and more rewarding life. We already have 14 branches in Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor an dSabah. The society’s activities are open to all Malaysian regardless of race or religion.

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